• 主题: NUS-LV: Learning and Vision Research Group
  • 主讲人颜水城,新加坡国立大学;
  • 主持人山世光,中科院计算所
  • 活动时间:2015年01月07日,北京时间20:30-22:30

1. 报告摘要 [Slides] [Video]

  • We would like to take the honour to introduce the research activities of the learning and vision research group in the past years. Basically, the group is founded on machine learning, and then seeks for applications in computer vision and multimedia problems. For machine learning, we focus on two areas, deep learning and robust learning. For applications, we focus on object analytics, fashion search and recommendation, and human analytics. In the talk, we shall share our experience in theories, deep learning platform, and concrete applications with demos.

2. 报告人简介

  • Dr. Yan Shuicheng is currently an Associate Professor at National University of Singapore, and the lead of the Learning and Vision Research Group ( Dr. Yan’s research areas include machine learning, computer vision and multimedia, and he has authored/co-authored >400 technical papers over a wide range of research topics, with Google Scholar citation > 15,000 times and H-index 52. He is ISI Highly-cited Researcher, 2014 and IAPR Fellow 2014. He received the Best Paper/Demo Awards from ACM MM’13 (Best Paper and Best Student Paper), ACM MM12 (Best Demo), PCM’11, ACM MM10, ICME10 and ICIMCS’09, the runner-up prize of ILSVRC’13, the winner prize of ILSVRC14 detection task, the winner prizes of the classification task in PASCAL VOC 2010-2012, the winner prize of the segmentation task in PASCAL VOC 2012, the honourable mention prize of the detection task in PASCAL VOC’10, 2010 TCSVT Best Associate Editor (BAE) Award, 2010 Young Faculty Research Award, 2011 Singapore Young Scientist Award, and 2012 NUS Young Researcher Award. He was/is area chair in CVPR, IJCAI, ACM MM among others, and TPC chair of ACM MM15, ACM MM 2017, ICMR 2017 among others.

3. 报告视频


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